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Comparing cryptocurrency prices with the help of tables and charts is one of the ways to make a short- or mid-term forecast, find the market trend, or define a relation between digital currencies. All real-time prices of coins and tokens are displayed in dollars. Also, you can switch to showing prices in BTC or ETH. Check out the price of any cryptocurrency on its dedicated page or in this comparison chart.

What the cryptocurrency price is based on

The cryptocurrency dynamics chart helps see how the price was changing during last 24 hours (other options include last 1 hour, 1 week, 1/3/6 months, year, all time). This allows for studying the price dynamics within a specific period. The cryptocurrency chart is an important tool for investors and traders as it illustrates current crypto market trends.

A price increase or drop is shown as a percentage of the previous reading. This helps instantly find out the cryptocurrency’s position. Depending on the nature of a change, the parameter can be either positive or negative. Crypto prices are analyzed against each other in line with the general market overview. A significant digital currency price change is usually caused by a set of important factors, namely:

  • Legal status and reception;
  • Market manipulation (pump & dump);
  • Crypto economic parameters;
  • Consequences of heavy hacks and dark transactions;
  • Fundamental factors;
  • Usability improvements and crypto project development according to the roadmap;
  • Marketing promotion and mass media background;
  • Issue changes.

What can be seen from comparing cryptocurrencies

In fact, the crypto market is chaotic and only partially follows stock market rules and trends. It acts as a standalone financial industry with its own laws and rules. To learn how coins and tokens affect each other, use the cryptocurrency price comparison chart.

Our chart allows comparing 2 to 5 cryptocurrencies. Traders and investors can explore similarities and differences in how coins evolve, without any costly analytical tools. As a result, one can find out if a certain cryptocurrency was growing hard during a selected period or such an increase was due to the overall market growth. In the latter case, one may see that currency’s price was growing slower than others’ prices — and this is what one cannot derive from single-currency charts.

Also, by comparing cryptocurrencies one can look into how coins depend on each other. For instance, the integrated chart shows how the Bitcoin growth affected altcoins’ position, or how the network state changed after another fork appeared. It may seem that all those data require deep analysis and...that’s true. However, the cryptocurrency comparison chart helps quickly distinguish previously unseen trends.

It only makes sense to carry out any comparison integrally rather than based on just tables and charts. In practice, a coin’s (or token’s) price may drop not because it lost its value but due to other factors. Compare prices and explore other digital currency data with CoinCap!

The user’s USD wallet in personal account is a simulation wallet. Buying and selling coins in indices, gains or losses thereon are a virtual simulation. We are not able to conduct any transactions with real currency. *Partnership service does not offer the service of buying or selling cryptocurrencies.