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Kraken exchange overview

Kraken is an international cryptocurrency exchange, which was established in July 2011 by Jesse Powell and Payward Inc, based in San Francisco, USA. The exchange was officially launched in September 2013, which was preceded by beta testing. Kraken is one of the oldest crypto exchanges and the largest Bitcoin exchanges in terms of trading volume of the BTC/EUR pair. It is licensed, operates within the legal framework, and follows KYC and AML procedures. As a result, Kraken allows deposit and withdrawal of the fiat currencies, as well as the exchange of a cryptocurrency for six fiat currencies. Since May 2015, Kraken has been offering margin trading with leverage up to 5x (it depends on the pair), which is still a rare opportunity on the crypto market. In September 2018, the platform launched over-the-counter (OTC) trading in large sums, and in February 2019, trading in cryptocurrency futures became available.

Kraken advantages

  1. A solid reputation and business connections.

  2. It has a long history in the crypto market — since 2013.

  3. Trading pairs with the following fiat currencies: USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, CHF, JPY.

  4. The website has nine locales (including both US/UK spelling styles).

  5. Deposits of both fiat (USD, EUR, CAD) and cryptocurrencies.

  6. Trading commissions: 0.00–0.16% for makers, 0.10–0.26% for takers (depending on the monthly turnover).

  7. Minimum commissions for deposits and withdrawal.

  8. Referral program: 20% of the fees collected from referred clients.

Kraken track record

  • October 2013: a partnership agreement with a German online bank Fidor Bank.

  • March 2014: five million dollars received from Hummingbird Ventures in the series A venture capital funding round.

  • October 2014: collaboration with Fidor Bank to establish the world’s first cryptocurrency bank.

  • November 2014: assistance to the wronged Mt.Gox users in returning assets.

  • January 2016: acquiring the exchanges Coinsetter and CaVirtEx.

  • February 2016: multimillion dollar deal with the venture investment company SBI Investment.

  • December 2016: acquiring the bitcoin-wallet provider Glidera.

  • March 2017: acquiring the analytic service Cryptowatch.

  • February 2019: acquiring the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Crypto Facilities.

  • July 2019: acquiring the portfolio reconciliation service Interchange.

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