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Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms where users trade/swap coins and tokens. Precisely exchanges shape cryptocurrency rates. Today, they are the most practical way to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency assets.

Any crypto exchange consists of two main components: a trading terminal and a crypto wallet system. The trading terminal allows for instant transactions inside the platform. Users can choose a required currency pair and make an exchange in half a minute. The crypto wallet system allows storing cryptocurrency on the platform. This means that users do not need to withdraw assets to an external wallet immediately after purchase. The best crypto exchanges provide wallets for all their traded cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency exchange rankings

We have checked over a hundred platforms, but we have published here only 80 of them so far. We can recommend them as reliable crypto exchanges. The key criteria for choosing an exchange may be:

  • The number of trading pairs (the range of altcoins);
  • The most traded pair;
  • The volume of trades in all currencies in 24 hours.

The main volumes of crypto exchanges are coins and tokens. However, the largest crypto exchanges also have several currency pairs with the dollar or euro. They make it easy to buy and sell the cryptocurrency for fiat money.

The user’s USD wallet in personal account is a simulation wallet. Buying and selling coins in indices, gains or losses thereon are a virtual simulation. We are not able to conduct any transactions with real currency. *Partnership service does not offer the service of buying or selling cryptocurrencies.