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Cryptocurrency prices in USD

Since Bitcoin’s emergence, over 7400 new cryptocurrencies have appeared, each coming with its own features. We have selected 924 best of them and we don’t stop analyzing. On our website, you can find coins and tokens that develop actively and anchor the entire crypto market. Here, you can see any cryptocurrency’s price, analyze its history and specifications, appraise its performance, and find out its perspectives.

As the financial world commonly uses prices in USD in analyzing dynamics, it’s very convenient to monitor the crypto market fluctuations with respect to the dollar. You can see prices of a hundred of cryptocurrencies right on Coin-Cap’s main page; on Coins and Tokens pages, you will meet lists sorted by type.

We recommend taking note of not only prices in USD but also capitalization, daily (24-hour) trade volume, daily price change, and volume-to-capitalization ratio. Our comprehensive table also features a chart reflecting the current market trend. Together, those parameters will guide you through making a decision on when to buy or sell digital assets.

Cryptocurrency price in BTC or ETH

Two everybody-knows projects, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are the crypto world titans with thousands of hours of development and testing, and millions of backers and users. Crypto gurus assert that virtually all altcoins were somehow derived from either Bitcoin or Ethereum. As long as the Bitcoin price continues to affect prices of other cryptocurrencies, there is some relationship.

However, not all the cryptocurrencies were crafted on the ground of their protocol. Every existing cryptocurrency has its own advantages that have a certain impact on the demand and price. A cryptocurrency may have a few or dozens of unique features: therefore, this is the key factor allowing for price-specific comparison. One could say thank you to developers for such a diversity. Continuously pursuing improvements, they introduce more and more digital currencies thereby proposing a pack of alternatives to the market professionals. If it weren’t for their strivings, the world couldn’t have Coinmarketcap ranking websites.

Today, numerous investors and traders preferring to diversify their portfolio, scrupulously monitor their assets change the price in BTC and ETH. The cryptocurrency starts to leave off analyzing the dynamics of crypto prices in USD as people don’t need any fiat counterweight when they have two digital measures. We recommend you to try it out. You can see the Currency option to the table’s right: you can switch it from USD to BTC or ETH.

Real-time cryptocurrency prices

There is no exact rule for determining an ideal moment to enter the market. One can listen to veteran traders or practically-experienced technical analysis specialists. Alternatively, one can make forecasts following the fundamental analysis based on a set of factors:

  • Roadmaps of crypto projects;
  • Abrupt demand increase;
  • Activity of major crypto traders having power to control cryptocurrency prices;
  • News in related mass or social media.

These reasons will outline the trend perspective and help project a cryptocurrency’s price. Our website can provide you with accurate real-time cryptocurrency prices, gaining data from major crypto exchanges with transparent trading volumes and high liquidity. You can find the list of platforms on the Exchanges page.

CoinCap ceaselessly processes valuable data and displays cryptocurrency prices online.

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